Joy Fund Archive

Joy Fund donors: Dec. 30, 2014

Community Groups Coffee Time Ladies Bowling League $120.00 Foundations In memory of Mr. and Mrs. S. Frank Blocker - by The Blocker Foundation $1,000.00 Individuals In memory of my Dad - Suzanne and Gill Perry $20.00 Marie G. Waller $20.00 Gene and Dotty Seward $25.00 In lieu of local Christmas cards - Nelda R. Stine $25.00

Joy Fund donors: Dec. 29, 2014

Community Groups Cookies and Gab Exchange Club $225.00 Gerry's Mermaids $250.00 In memory of Mom - from our Holiday Bingo Players $600.00 Individuals Your friends - CP and BV $25.00 In memory of parents Ernest, Bette Ballance $50.00 Julia and Tom Byron $75.00 William W McComb Jr. $100.00 Merry Christmas, Grandaddy and Grandma Gravely! We love you - Josh, Alex and Eleni $100.00

Joy Fund donors: Dec. 28, 2014

Businesses/Corporations From Julia Dieta $30.00 From Mackenzie Yabba $30.00 Community Groups Lakewood Garden Club $210.00 Individuals Ellen L. Bridges-Wiley $25.00 Julie B. Hurst $25.00 In loving memory of Emme, Sydney, Coca, ZuZu and Bob $35.00 The Landversicht Family $50.00 In memory of our parents and brothers - Judy and Larry Dobrinsky $50.00 Jennifer L. Glomb $75.00

Joy Fund donors: Dec. 27, 2014

Community Groups Navy Wives Clubs of America Princess Anne 143 $50.00 Individuals Mary W. Stubbs $25.00 In loving memory of a caring wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Audrey M. Warren - We miss you $25.00 In loving memory of N.H. and Janie Vann - from son Harold and daughter Elaine $25.00

Joy Fund donors: Dec. 26, 2014

Community Groups Achiever/Owls Senior Bowling Leagues in memory of: Robert Langley, John Roberts, Grace McCormick, Kathy Malbrough $156.00 Individuals In memory of our friend, Jim Smith $20.00 In memory of Thomas A. Gates Jr. $25.00 In memory of William "HOBBS" Howell $25.00 In memory of Beverly R. Lawler $25.00 In memory of Luther M. Church $25.00

Joy Fund donors: Dec. 25, 2014

Community Groups In memory of Cosmopolitan member Thomas A. Hanes for conceiving the idea of The Joy Fund and annual Cosmopolitan Distinguished Service Award - The Cosmopolitan Club of Norfolk $1,000.00 Educational Institutions Department of Psychology - Old Dominion University $910.00 Individuals Ruby Fox $2.00 In memory of Lydia Pena $50.00 In honor of Kathy Gooding $50.00

Joy Fund donors: Dec. 24, 2014

Businesses/Corporations In memory of my mother, Mrs. Alice Lee Williams Sams $100.00 From the residents of Royal Court Estates $204.00 Community Groups Virginia Chevy Lovers, LTD $25.00 Order of the Eastern Star, Va. Chapter 22 $50.00 Norview '62 Ya Ya Sisters $245.00 Broad Bay Ladies Golf Association $705.00 Educational Institutions Norfolk Academy Clubs $2,550.00

Joy Fund donors: Dec. 23, 2014

Community Groups From the Arnold Gamsey Lodge 1195 of B'nai B'rith $25.00 In memory of Al Dasher, from the Thursday Breakfast Group $80.00 Achievers/Owls Senior Bowling Leagues in memory of Juhn Dahuya, Bob Evans, Dorne Saunders, Paul Legg $119.00 J.C.C. Seniors Club $300.00

  Individuals On behalf of Tidewater Paralegal Association $20.00

Joy Fund donors: Dec. 22, 2014

Businesses/Corporations Psychological Services staff of VBCPS honors our supervisor, Dr. Cliff Hatt, and our secretaries, Pat and Jennifer - by the staff of Psychological Services, Virginia Beach City Public Schools $100.00 Community Groups Knights of Columbus Council $200.00 Individuals In loving memory of Tip, Frances and Pam Dyson $25.00

Joy Fund donors: Dec. 21, 2014

Businesses/Corporations KGS Properties, INC T/A Comfort Inn Olde Towne $100.00 Community Groups Bachelor-Benedict Social Club $25.00 The Tidewater African Violet Society $71.25 Individuals Tidewater Paralegal Association $20.00 Carolyn K. Zabito $23.00 Doug and Sandra Keller $25.00 V.W. Davis $25.00 Kenneth C. Landry $25.00 Donald J. Donato $25.00

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