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Light-rail opponents gather 7,500 signatures for Virginia Beach referendum

VIRGINIA BEACH Light-rail opponents say they have collected nearly a third of the signatures necessary to put the light-rail extension issue on the November 2016 ballot.

At polls, light rail will get some heavy attention

NORFOLK Supporters of a light-rail extension into Virginia Beach had an unexpected guest at their Monday night rally near the MacArthur Square Tide station - Virginia Beach City Treasurer John Atkinson, the man trying to squash the project.

Light rail opponents and supports went to the polls to sway voters

Light rail opponents collected signatures at polling places on Election Day in an attempt to place a light-rail referendum on the November 2016 ballot.

Light rail advocates to rally tonight, volunteers out during Election Day tomorrow

Update: The "Save the Tide" rally has changed because of the rain. Light rail advocates are striking back against a renewed attempt to quash a Tide extension to Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach council rejects proposal to move money away from light rail

VIRGINIA BEACH The City Council snubbed a proposal Tuesday night from Councilman John Moss to move money dedicated for light-rail plans to plug a projected budget hole. Moss's resolution never came to a vote because no one stepped up at the meeting in support of rerouting $10 million in light-rail money to help cover the city's $33 million budget shortfall next year.

Battle over extending light rail to Virginia Beach heating up

VIRGINIA BEACH Efforts to thwart the expansion of light rail to Virginia Beach are heating up as the city tries to figure out how to stem a $33 million budget shortfall next year. The City Council will consider a proposal today that would shift millions set aside for a potential light-rail expansion to help plug the looming gap.

Virginia Beach councilmen propose funding cut for light rail, referendum

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story contained errors regarding a presentation Tuesday from Virginia Beach Finance Director Patricia Phillips to the City Council, which did not reflect what Deputy City Manager Dave Hansen said last week about the fiscal year 2016-17 budget. It also contained the incorrect fiscal year for the projected $33 million shortfall. VIRGINIA BEACH

Light-rail politics and priorities

PICK SOMEBODY to blame for the bargain light-rail cars that weren't. Blame Virginia Beach administrators for not making clearer during their City Council briefing the potential pitfalls of piggybacking on an order by Minneapolis. Blame members of the council for not asking, before the vote, how hard and expensive it would be to adapt those trains to Hampton Roads.

Beach turned a blind eye to logic, and a plan to buy light-rail cars is derailed

Looks like they're back. The Dancing Bears, that is. That's the nickname we - OK, I - used years ago for the rudderless members of Virginia Beach's City Council, who seemed to lurch from project to pricey project each time a shiny object was waved in their general direction.

State wants more oversight after HRT nixes rail cars

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated who dropped the plans to purchase four light-rail cars. Hampton Roads Transit Authority had planned to purchase the cars, but declined to do so. The purchase of future cars for a light rail expansion remains intact. NORFOLK

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