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Whatever happened to... T.J. Jordan and Khadijah Whittington

They only played together for one season, but T.J. Jordan and Khadijah Whittington made the most of it, becoming one of the best inside-outside duos to play high school girls' basketball in South Hampton Roads. Jordan - now Jordan-Rich - and Whittington used their instant connection to lead Wilson to its only state final in 2004.

Whatever happened to ... field hockey player Kim Miller

In a game where nearly any physical contact once was whistled as a violation, Kim Miller was a trend-setter. It was routine to see Miller - now Kim Folmar - diving to the ground, arms and stick outstretched, fighting for all her worth to get a touch on the ball as a star field hockey player at Cox High School.

Whatever happened to ... Ricky Rudd

Even as a youngster riding around his neighborhood on a small, lawn mower engine-powered car, Ricky Rudd wanted to go fast. Moving on to go-karts capable of speeds topping 100 mph as he got older just solidified the mindset. Rudd even dreamed of a future in Formula One racing.

Whatever happened to ... Charles Hatcher

NORFOLK The Norview boys basketball team had a memorable season this past winter, advancing to the Group 5A state semifinals for the first time in nearly five decades. Watching and rooting from afar was a man who was on that last state tournament team. A man who remembers well when times were more of a challenge, especially if you were one of those picked to change those times.

Whatever happened to ... longtime high school football coach Ralph Gahagan?

VIRGINIA BEACH In an era when concern for feelings and self-esteem wasn't what it is today, Ralph Gahagan was never afraid to tell it like it is on his way to 251 victories as a high school football coach. When an opposing coach would fuss at him for what he saw as running up the score, Gahagan would matter-of-factly tell him: "Coach, it's not my job to stop me."

Whatever happened to… pro pitcher Wayne Gomes

Entering a small room inside the otherwise spacious Virginia Baseball Academy in Hampton, Melissa Gomes was barking commands. "Strikes, out!" she said. "Out, Strikes!" It only sounded like Gomes was umpiring a baseball game. In fact, she was merely trying to clear the room.

Whatever happened to ... Great Bridge track star Mike Morrison?

Mike Morrison had been a decorated track athlete at Great Bridge High School and an NCAA national champion in the decathlon. But in 2012, he was delivering pizzas and wondering what had gone wrong in his athletic career.

Whatever happened to ... ODU basketball coach Sonny Allen?

NORFOLK When you gaze toward the rafters of the Constant Center, where 11 Division I NCAA tournament banners and 11 more from the NIT hang, it’s easy to forget how far Old Dominion’s men’s basketball program has come.

Whatever happened to ... the Virginia Wesleyan basketball team that won a national title?

At a job fair in Los Angeles several years ago, Marques Fitch had the perfect accessory to complete a dressed-to-impress look. Tying everything together and helping Fitch stand out from the throng was the ring he wore - from the 2006 Division III national championship won by Virginia Wesleyan.

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