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Josh Boone given "New Mutants"
"Pushers" of improv celebrate 10 years

Brad McMurran and Sean Devereux could not have written a better ending to this story, though the beginning was kind of iffy.

Arts Festival | Jackie Evancho brings her voice to Norfolk

It is Jackie who answers the phone at her house in suburban Pittsburgh.
She's not a diva, not a freak, not a spoiled brat, not even the amazing vocal wonder Jackie Evancho. It's just Jackie, an obviously happy 14-year-old girl who likes shopping for clothes and would rather talk about her five dogs than concert halls.

Humble Steward | Refreshing roses surge in popularity

The crop of roses wines this spring is bountiful and colorful, like rows of tulips in tints of coral, salmon, pale pink and garnet.
Never before have I seen so many roses for sale in Hampton Roads, and this is definite proof of the surging popularity of these refreshing wines with a spectrum of intensity that falls between whites and full-bore reds.

Turning Tables | Craving tots and pizza? "Venture" to Hampton

I never ate Tater Tots as a kid. Mine was a strictly French fry, mashed potato or baked potato household.
We ate french fries when we went out to dinner, had mashed potatoes when Mom felt a bit creative, and a baked potato when she didn't.
I finally had my first Tater Tot in my 30s during a baby-sitting stint for a friend. They tasted like cardboard. I wasn't impressed.

Lorraine's Pick | Reusable grocery totes

Lorraine Eaton's pick of the week

Restaurant Review | The Monastery offers old-school European fare

The Norfolk dining scene is clearly on the upswing these days.
Newly opened restaurants are bringing a sense of flash and energy to town, and lines of millennial foodies can be found outside doors waiting for a chance to sample the latest craft cocktail or oddly paired ingredients slapped between two slices of bread.

China | Through the looking glass

The first thing to accept about "China: Through the Looking Glass," the spring exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is that it is not meant to be a critical assessment of the fashion industry's nonfiction, politically correct relationship with China's culture, history or its people.

Jamesetta | Bright ideas for keeping whites white

White, in its variations, has a place every season. And now that the sun is high, and warm weather is finally here, the time is prime to sport pure white.
However, it's tough to keep white from becoming dingy. I've tried everything from laundering separately to soaking in baking soda and peroxide. Ultimately, whites just become less pristine.

Grammar School | The letter PTags along Psilently

This week's jumble of thoughts began forming when I played the word "ptui" in a Scrabble game, and my opponent Steve said he had never heard that one before.
Spittlephobes, please forgive me.

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