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Ready to lose the jammies

NORFOLK Stephanie Thomas dreams of fluffy sweaters, figure-hugging skirts and dainty dresses. Then she wakes up, puts on her pajamas and goes to work.

Reba Mc Entire, Rahem DeVaughn, Deadstring Brothers, Sarah Brightman

Reba McEntire is the consummate entertainer whose latest CD is gemlike. "Love Revival" will be available this month and next and only at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores. Now, don't think you are going to walk in there and say, "Give me a Reba, please." First, you have to buy three greeting cards. Do that, then plunk down $7.95 and Reba is yours.

The fridge is my friend

By Diana D'Abruzzo

'First Sunday:' Bungling crooks bring low-rent laughs

"First Sunday" is about a pair of blundering criminals who plan to rob a church.

2009 inaugural events in Hampton Roads

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'Bucket' belongs on your list

AFTER ALL, the final gasp could be a laugh, not a choke. "The Bucket List" may be a help - and a somewhat cornball one at that - in cheering up the grim reaper. Try not to smile all the way through this movie, and if you succeed, give it up. You're ready to go. More likely, there are moments when you will laugh out loud.

In the grand horror-film tradition

DEALING WITH the ominous dream life of children as well as a mother who may be going insane in search of a missing child, "The Orphanage" is a horror film that deals, refreshingly, with horror that may be real. It does what the best films of the genre always try to do - make us believe the impossible.

Duran Duran, Trace Adkins, Mudvayne, Joe Strummer

With a little help from their friends Tim Mosley aka Timbaland and Justin Timberlake, Duran Duran returns with an electrified, sexy compilation of songs. From '80s listeners to new ones, the 12-track CD has something for everyone, from "Box Full o' Honey" to "Skin Divers" with Timbaland. Check out the liner notes to learn about the Virginia Beach connection.

Chris Brown, Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings, Keith Urban, Christmas music

Add Chris Brown to the roster of artists who conquered the sophomore slump. That's the hardest hurdle to clear, and Brown leaps over it with "Exclusive." First off, he gets two points for shouting out his hometown on "Kiss Kiss" - "I'm just a country boy from Tappahannock, V-A."

Annie Lennox, Brooks & Dunn, Paul Anka, Edgar Meyer and Nigel Kennedy


Annie Lennox

Brooks & Dunn

Paul Anka

Edgar Meyer

Nigel Kennedy

"Songs of Mass Destruction" Rating: Go get it now


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