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On Stage | Virginia Symphony "Fantasia" will amaze ya

DON'T EVER LET anyone  tell you that Mickey Mouse is a lightweight.
"Fantasia," the animated mouse's most famous filmed performance, has a history that flirts with nudity, hallucinogenics and a controversy over interpreting classical music that has continued since the film's 1940 release.

Music | Soulful singer (Alabama) Shakes things up

Before Alabama Shakes' debut album, "Boys & Girls," came out in 2012, I sat in a dressing room at Stubbs Bar-B-Q at the South by Southwest music festival with singer Brittany Howard, who talked about how she was transported on stage into a musical "spirit world."

Q & A | Sophie Turner is "Thrones" monster whisperer

Sunday's "Game of Thrones" brought new responsibilities for some characters and new perils for others. But for Sansa Stark, who found herself betrothed to the sadistic Ramsay Bolton, there was just a sickening sense of deja vu.
"It is a big throwback," said Sophie Turner, the actress who plays Sansa in the HBO fantasy drama. "She's at the hands of another monster."

Lorraine's Pick | Book urges us to savor food, and life

"Julia, Child" is the irresistible title of this tale of two friends who use their culinary skills to coax grown-ups to slow down and savor food... and life. $17.99 at Prince Books, 109 E. Main St., Norfolk, 622-9223, or www.prince-books.com.
-- Lorraine Eaton

Turning Tables | Venuto, Dunkin' Donuts and D-lish

THEY SAY you gotta start at the bottom and that's just what Blair McGinnis did.

Flavor | Chef pulls himself out of the fire

ERIC DOARNBERGER shouldn't be here.
He shouldn't be grinning while standing in front of Field Guide on Granby Street. And he surely shouldn't be dressed like this at the lunch hour, all polo-match dapper in a royal blue sweater and pressed white chinos.

Cube Candy | New Coke and a new Ted trailer


Pageant encourages young women to focus on gifts

VIRGINIA BEACH | Those precious minutes before taking the stage were a flurry of activity.
In nearly every corner of the dressing room, a mom brushed, curled or braided her daughter's locks. The air was thick with hair spray. Bags of makeup, boxes of bobby pins and a garment steamer lined one of the tables.

Jamesetta | Hoping for big labels at bargain prices

HOPEFULLY, OUTRAGE OVER last week's instant sellout of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection has subsided.
It's not worth it - the frustration of a crashed website, the inconvenience of waiting with the throngs and the dashed hopes of believing a specially priced slice of the beachy brand could be snagged with the same ease as buying bread.

Sew Simple | Skirt should please wedding guest

Dear Vicki: My 11-year-old daughter is going to a wedding with us, and I want her to dress up. She is adamant that this not be a "little girl" dress, so help me find something she will like. Thank you so much.
- Cindy B.

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