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Blog: What's Inside: The Monkey Mind

  Sharon Greenspan believes in monkey mind  – and that we can all fall prey to it.  The brain jumps from one thought branch to another, swinging, screaming, sometimes spiraling out of control. But how do you stop thoughts in this multitasking, 24-hour news cycle of a world? Where does that mental trek to nothingness even begin?

Blog: Hoy, Pinoy: Faith + Family

  Over a dozen shoes are piled up just inside the front entrance of Joyce Sandan’s home. It’s Sunday, and three generations have gathered to eat and talk and pray.  Sandan ushers me in, and immediately, I am treated like a brother; such is the nature of most Filipino homes.

Blog: Hoy, Pinoy: Empowerment

        Ray Obispo is a sociology teacher at Salem High School and an adviser to the school’s Filipino American Cultural Society. He encourages kids who join the group to learn history not just from books. Obispo likes to say: “No history, no self. Know history, know self.”

Blog: Animal Magnetism: Spiny Mammals

   IN THE palm of your hand, it feels like a chestnut burr. Then a face emerges, with a pink nose surrounded by a forest of quills. Adorable, announces Lynn Tichy. “People think I’m a little crazy,” she says. “Especially at work.”

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