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Blog: Yellow-rumped warblers live up to their name

While human snowbirds head for the sunny south, many real snowbirds stop off here in Hampton Roads to spend the winter. Little yellow-rumped warblers are among the first to arrive. Our winter climate suits these little birds fine since they spend their summers as far north as northern Canada. Most other warblers are insect eaters, and have to fly south to find insects in the winter.

Blog: Little Bird with a Cast Iron Stomach

Yellow-rumped warblers are one of those little birds that help make the winter bright. Stripey, blackish, brownish birds with characteristic yellow rumps, they are one of the few warblers you will see through the winter here. That’s because yellow-rumpeds have cast iron stomachs The birds are able to digest the hard waxy gray berries on our native, wax myrtle and bayberry bushes

Blog: Special Winter Visitors Arriving

Keep your eyes open for those cold-weather visitors that help make life special all winter long. I’m talking about yellow-rumped warblers and white-throated sparrows, little birds that keep us company through the season. I'm getting reports from readers that the birds have really started moving through the area now and some wills stop and stay for the winter.

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